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Hypnobabies on CBC's "On The Go"

Many thanks for Jane Adey, Maggie Gillis and Ted Blades for their interest in Hypnobabies.

Also thanks to Hypno-Moms Caitlin Patrick and Rhonda Moore for taking the time to share some Hypnobabies love!


Moms share about Hypnobabies...

I really can't say enough about what the Hypnobabies course offered us. I was stalled in the pushing phase for a long time (though I had covered the clock in my room as I didn't want to think about "how long" it was taking), and it was only once I let go of my fears that my baby was able to join us earth side." - Caitlin

Hypnobabies was life changing for me. The females in my family tend to have long and sometimes traumatic births. I was determined not to so I signed up for the Hypnobabies course. It taught me how to relax and let go. Not just with birth but with a lot of others things in life. It's so funny to watch the video of my birth story now. The person in the video seems completely different from the person I've become. -Rhonda

I'm a nurse, birth doula, childbirth educator (Lamaze), breastfeeding educator and post-partum doula... I have witnessed over 80 births with all sorts of outcomes. I saw a huge difference in my clients that completed the Hypnobabies course; outcomes were far better, the couple were more calm, educated and prepared for what birth would throw at them. I always recommended it to my clients. When I became pregnant last year, the time came for me to do the course... I had 3 previous births, first set the stage and traumatized me, I had two epidural births after despite wanting natural ones. Fear was holding me back. I was unsure how Hypnobabies would work, I even still had some moments of fear in the weeks before the birth but guess what? I had an amazing pain free birth, there was intensity (when head was bearing down ) but it was great. I can't say enough good about Hypnobabies. -Erin

I had an incredibly positive and powerful birthing experience thanks to Hypnobabies. As a first time mom I heard lots of horror stories about how long labor could be. Once my contractions started I was fully dilated in 2 hours and gave birth just a couple hours later. I had a doula and the support staff at the hospital were wonderful. I was in complete control of my body and my decisions. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend Fiona Cunningham! -Kristen